An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so the best course of action during a night out on the town will always be to drink in moderation or to avoid alcohol altogether.

But if your evening was more celebratory than you had planned and the hangover train has already left the station, here are some proven tips to help reduce the negative effects that you are likely feeling.

Most hangovers are caused by three basic results of excess alcohol consumption: a lack of quality rest, dehydration and the production of toxins that can induce heavy sweating, vomiting and a higher heart rate. So it stands to reason that the most effective hangover cures will deal with these symptoms.

Get Some ZZZs: If you were out partying hard, chances are the festivities cut into your quality sleep time. On top of that, alcohol can disrupt the sleep cycle, so even if you did eventually pass out, your sleep wasn’t as restful as it could have been.

Drink Water: Alcohol is a proven diuretic, and drinking it in large quantities – enough to induce a hangover – will purge your body of needed fluids. This is usually the cause of the mother of all headaches that hangover sufferers frequently experience. Drink water to reverse these effects.

Take an Aspirin: The toxins in your body are there to stay until they can be purged, which only happens with time. An aspirin can help reduce the severity of the symptoms while you’re waiting things out.

Whatever you do, avoid the “hair of the dog” the day after. Drinking more alcohol does not, in fact, help reduce the symptoms of a hangover, and it could actually make things much worse. Give your liver at least 48 hours to recuperate before imbibing again.

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