Photo by J. Christopher Little.
Photo by J. Christopher Little.

You’re tired, too busy to cook, and the kitchen’s a mess. On the rack, there are bottles of spices so old that the dates have actually worn off. What can you do? Whether you need food, organization or simply ideas, chef Joanna Gold, owner of Gold Plated personal chef service, would like to be your private kitchen concierge.

A graduate of the Culinary Institute of Platt College in Oklahoma City, this East Coast native knew she wanted to offer a personal chef service that was accessible and more affordable for working mothers, those starting a new diet and anyone needing help in the kitchen. Gold Plated strives to get people out of the drive-thru lanes and back into their kitchens.

Service is available through a four-tier system that offers as little as 10 hours of extra help in the kitchen each month and as much as 25 hours per month, in which the Gold Plated staff does all the shopping, kitchen organization and cooking.

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