Of all the “musts” involved in planning a wedding, the invitations are one of the most important to decide early. Wedding invitations herald the event and give guests an idea of what to expect. Will it be a regal affair or a barefoot frolic filled with Bohemian touches?  Will the wedding have a playful tone in an unexpected setting, or will it rival the most glamorous soiree? The invitation gives clues to what’s ahead and says much about the pair headed for the altar.

This year, expect new options from invitation printers and designers. The royal treatment is especially “now.” Tastefully spare and with just the right amount of ornate lettering, this classic style stays current with subtle adjustments. These days, elegance calls for a hint of color, relating a mindful grandeur.

The opposite of muted are invitations waving rich embellishments and bold borders. Go ahead and pair vintage scrolls and floral patterns for a look that is truly luxe. Speaking of color, gone are the days when couples kept to the sunnier side of the palette. Darker, more saturated hues standout and make a strong impact, whether used as feature elements or font colors.

Handwritten invitations are always familiar, warm and personal. And who says calligraphy is a lost art? Once the rule rather than the exception, calligraphy styles today are fresh, inspired, even playful.

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