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for the Future

Staying Connected Adjusting to new circumstances is a challenging endeavor, whether you’re seven or 75. For seniors, however, shifting economic climates, changing health conditions and...

The True
Hydration Station

Of the hundreds of state agencies that exist to ensure the smooth management of Oklahoma, many of them are well known and operate quite publicly...

A Magical Menagerie of Mushrooms

It’s safe to assume you shouldn’t eat the mushrooms in your yard. However, if by some misfortune you ingest a mushroom of unknown variety, rest...

Nothin’ Bad About It

One of the greatest challenges of maintaining a club sports program at a university is continuity, considering every year a new batch of potential members...

The Robust Realm of Sports

A Spotlight onThe Lesser-Known While everyone knows the grueling expectations on the gridiron and get pumped to see athletes on the court, Oklahoma harbors a...