If participation in Oklahoma Magazine’s 2012 Great Companies To Work For is any indication of economic vibrancy, then this year appears to have been a better one than 2011, when we debuted this annual special report.
Over the course of the year, we received far more applications, nominations and references about potential terrific employers than we did last year. That’s reflected in the content of the pages ahead, featuring more companies in more diverse fields than last year.

This year, we once again present a look at some of the best companies in the state for whom to work. Once again we found that one formula for evaluation simply would not work in a state where a couple of economic sectors dominate the roster of large, generous employers, and we’ve made some additions to our content to represent that. In addition to our Spotlights, which have a look at great employers within certain specific employment areas (healthcare, energy, law firms, etc.), this year we inaugurate our first entrants into the Great Companies Ring of Honor. Ring of Honor members are sizable companies with lengthy histories of being great companies to work for, and which seem unlikely to face any major changes affecting that status. It’s a Hall of Fame, as it were, of Oklahoma employers. We’ll revisit Ring members every other year to consider making any changes, and new members can be inaugurated in any subsequent edition of Great Companies To Work For.  Determination of all participating companies was made via online application and panel review, in addition to consulting leading business interests and organizations in the state, and reviewing similar studies conducted that included Oklahoma employers. We make no claim of a comprehensive study with Great Companies To Work For. There are countless companies who could qualify. Ours is an attempt to honor just a few, and maybe help direct Oklahomans seeking employment to green pastures of the working world.

In addition to structural changes to the Great Companies components, this year we feature personal discussions with two very different and very engaging business leaders – BP Capital’s T. Boone Pickens and SandRidge Energy’s Tom Ward. We also take a look at the softer – and often forgotten – side of the business world in a story about those who have built successful commercial enterprises on providing real, community-driven needs.

Part information, part inspiration and all business, 2012 Great Companies To Work For is bolder and more diverse than the 2011 incarnation, which was one of Oklahoma Magazine’s best received special reports ever. We’d like to thank all of the companies that participated and who thought enough of employee relations to seek us out for inclusion. It’s because of this year’s healthier participation that there is reason to be optimistic about employment in Oklahoma in the years ahead.

We’re very proud of our featured employers, and we feel the entire state should be, too. Until next year…

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