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Local Hero

Kevin Durant’s actions on and off the court have earned him a special place in Oklahomans’ hearts.

A Better You

Not many years ago, cosmetic procedures were few and far between and sought out primarily by women. Today, though, women and men seek out procedures,...

New Year Review

While many might consider the beginning of a new year primarily a chance to work on self-improvement resolutions, it is also a good time to...

Seasonal Getaways

Time of year can make all the difference in selecting a honeymoon destination.

Suds, Curds And More

The land of "Laverne & Shirley" offers more the cheese and beer.

Oklahomans of the Year

It isn’t an easy task to be recognized as an Oklahoman of the Year by Oklahoma Magazine. After all, ours is a state whose history...

The Cowboy Way

It is perhaps the single, ubiquitous image of American culture, both in the subconscious of her people and in her global image. It has been...

Build It Like Beckham

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The Unlikely Pie Maker

Paula Marshall didn’t intend to be the third-generation CEO of the famed Bama Companies.

Retirement Revise

Is the 401(k) still the most effective retirement tool?