Call it a match made in heaven; call it one-stop shopping. A few cafés have recently popped up in Tulsa that offer the casual vibe and menu of a coffee shop along with the addition of stronger stuff found in bars. Chimera, a coffee shop and bar located in Tulsa’s trendy Brady Arts District, is one of the newest on the scene, having opened its doors at the end of January. The café offers bistro-style food with plenty of vegetarian and vegan options, along with quality coffee, mixed drinks, beer and wine (212 N. Main St., Tulsa).

A little bit south and east of Chimera, in the burgeoning Pearl District, Blake Ewing has opened another successful eatery, The Phoenix. This coffee shop and bakery has been compared to the fictional Central Perk of Friends fame. Baristas and bartenders work side by side, serving java drinks, local beers and great bagel sandwiches. The atmosphere is as conducive to a quiet afternoon of studying as it is to a raucous evening with friends (1302 E. Sixth St., Tulsa).

The folks behind Topeca Coffee have teamed with well-known mixologist and sommelier Noah Bush to create Hodges Bend, a combination coffee shop, wine bar and craft cocktail emporium that has recently opened in the East End. Among other features, the bar approaches coffee much like they do wine and they have the state’s first hand-carved ice cubes for cocktails. (823 E. Third St., Tulsa).

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