Many a brewery and liquor store is offering curbside pick-up, delivery and to-go during shelter in place. Support local businesses with this handy list. If we’ve missed your store, send an email to with the services you’re offering, your phone number and address and we will add you.

Tulsa metro:

American Solera

To-go and curbside pickup

1702 E 6th St.

(918) 949-4318

Order online:

Broken Arrow Brewing Company


333 W. Dallas St.

(918) 286-8101

Cabin Boys Brewery

To-go and curbside pickup

1717 E. 7th St Tulsa

Order by phone: (918) 933-4033

Dead Armadillo Brewery

To-go, curbside pickup or delivery

1004 E. Fourth St.

Order by phone: (918) 949-9233

Forest Acres Liquor


1275 S Memorial Dr.

(918) 794-8334

Heirloom Rustic Ales

Curbside pickup

2113 E. Admiral Boulevard

Order by phone: (918) 292-8757

Marshall Brewing Company

To-go and curbside pickup

1742 E. 6th St.

Order by phone: 918-292-8781

New Era Fine Fermentations

To-go, curbside pickup and delivery (both alcohol and food)

321 S. Frankfort Ave.

Order by phone: (918)-367-0640   

Nothing’s Left Brewing Co.

Curbside pickup or delivery

1502 E. Sixth St.

Order by text: 918-606-1902

Old Village Wine and Spirits


1327 E. 41st St.


Parkhills Warehouse Liquors and Wine


2432 E. 51st St.

(918) 742-4187

Parkhill’s Warehouse South

Open, curbside pickup, delivery

10018 S. Memorial


Pearl Beach Brew Pub

Curbside pickup

418 S. Peoria Ave.

Order by text: (918) 895-6798

Ranch Acres Wine and Spirits

Curbside pickup

3324 E. 31st St.

Order by phone: (918) 747-1171

Renaissance Brewing Co.

To-go orders

1147 S. Lewis Ave.

(918) 409-0551

Tulsa Hills Wine Cellar

7422 S. Olympia Ave

Open, curbside pickup

Order by phone: (918) 445-8804

Welltown Brewing

Curbside pickup and delivery

114 W. Archer St.

Order by phone: (918) 221-8893

Wine and Spirits Barn

Open for business

2430 E. 15th St

(918) 293-9746   

Photo courtesy Marshall Brewing

OKC metro:

405 Brewing Co.

To-go and curbside pickup

1716 Topeka Street, Norman

(405) 801-4053

Order online:

Angry Scotsman

To-go and curbside pickup

704 W. Reno Ave

(405) 673-7713

Order online:

Anthem Brewing Company

To-go orders

908 S.W. 4th St

Order by phone: (405) 604-0446

Battered Boar Brewing Co.

To-go and curbside pickup

14700 Metro Plaza Blvd Ste F, Edmond

Order by phone: (405) 254-5000

Beer is Good Brewing Co.


216 E Main, Norman

(405) 857-7080

Black Mesa Brewing Co.


3901 N. Flood Ave., Norman

(405) 857-7622

Brewers Union

To-go and curbside pickup

520 N. Meridian Ave

Order by phone: (405) 604-8989

Broke Brewing Co.


3810 N. Tulsa Ave

(405) 297-8115

Bryon’s Liquor Warehouse

Open, curbside pickup and delivery

2322 N. Broadway Ave

Order by phone: (405) 525-2158

Freeman’s Liquor Mart

Open, curbside pickup and delivery

4401 N. Western Ave

Order by phone: (405) 524-8031

Prairie Artisan Ales OKC Taproom


3 NE 8th St.

(405) 602-0894

Roughtail Brewing Co.


320 W. Memorial Rd

(405) 771-6517

Sean’s Wine and Spirits

Open, curbside pickup and delivery

6969 NW Expressway

Order by phone: (405) 728-7300

Stonecloud Brewing


1012 NW 1st St

(405) 602-3966

Skydancing Brewing Co.


520 N Meridian Ave.

(405) 686-8201

Twisted Spike Brewery and Tap Room


1 NW 10th St.

(405) 297-9961

The Well Wine and Spirits

To-go and curbside pickup

3330 W Memorial Rd, Suite 400

Order by phone: (405) 936-9463

Vanessa House Beer Company

To-go, curbside pickup and delivery

118 NW 8th St.

(405) 724-9330

Photo courtesy Prairie Artisan Ales