Many a brewery and liquor store is offering curbside pick-up, delivery and to-go during shelter in place. Support local businesses with this handy list. If we’ve missed your store, send an email to [email protected] with the services you’re offering, your phone number and address and we will add you.

Tulsa metro:

American Solera

To-go and curbside pickup

1702 E 6th St.

(918) 949-4318

Order online:

Broken Arrow Brewing Company


333 W. Dallas St.

(918) 286-8101

Cabin Boys Brewery

To-go and curbside pickup

1717 E. 7th St Tulsa

Order by phone: (918) 933-4033

Dead Armadillo Brewery

To-go, curbside pickup or delivery

1004 E. Fourth St.

Order by phone: (918) 949-9233

Forest Acres Liquor


1275 S Memorial Dr.

(918) 794-8334

Heirloom Rustic Ales

Curbside pickup

2113 E. Admiral Boulevard

Order by phone: (918) 292-8757

Marshall Brewing Company

To-go and curbside pickup

1742 E. 6th St.

Order by phone: 918-292-8781

New Era Fine Fermentations

To-go, curbside pickup and delivery (both alcohol and food)

321 S. Frankfort Ave.

Order by phone: (918)-367-0640   

Nothing’s Left Brewing Co.

Curbside pickup or delivery

1502 E. Sixth St.

Order by text: 918-606-1902

Old Village Wine and Spirits


1327 E. 41st St.


Parkhills Warehouse Liquors and Wine


2432 E. 51st St.

(918) 742-4187

Parkhill’s Warehouse South

Open, curbside pickup, delivery

10018 S. Memorial


Pearl Beach Brew Pub

Curbside pickup

418 S. Peoria Ave.

Order by text: (918) 895-6798

Ranch Acres Wine and Spirits

Curbside pickup

3324 E. 31st St.

Order by phone: (918) 747-1171

Renaissance Brewing Co.

To-go orders

1147 S. Lewis Ave.

(918) 409-0551

Tulsa Hills Wine Cellar

7422 S. Olympia Ave

Open, curbside pickup

Order by phone: (918) 445-8804

Welltown Brewing

Curbside pickup and delivery

114 W. Archer St.

Order by phone: (918) 221-8893

Wine and Spirits Barn

Open for business

2430 E. 15th St

(918) 293-9746   

Photo courtesy Marshall Brewing

OKC metro:

405 Brewing Co.

To-go and curbside pickup

1716 Topeka Street, Norman

(405) 801-4053

Order online:

Angry Scotsman

To-go and curbside pickup

704 W. Reno Ave

(405) 673-7713

Order online:

Anthem Brewing Company

To-go orders

908 S.W. 4th St

Order by phone: (405) 604-0446

Battered Boar Brewing Co.

To-go and curbside pickup

14700 Metro Plaza Blvd Ste F, Edmond

Order by phone: (405) 254-5000

Beer is Good Brewing Co.


216 E Main, Norman

(405) 857-7080

Black Mesa Brewing Co.


3901 N. Flood Ave., Norman

(405) 857-7622

Brewers Union

To-go and curbside pickup

520 N. Meridian Ave

Order by phone: (405) 604-8989

Broke Brewing Co.


3810 N. Tulsa Ave

(405) 297-8115

Bryon’s Liquor Warehouse

Open, curbside pickup and delivery

2322 N. Broadway Ave

Order by phone: (405) 525-2158

Freeman’s Liquor Mart

Open, curbside pickup and delivery

4401 N. Western Ave

Order by phone: (405) 524-8031

Prairie Artisan Ales OKC Taproom


3 NE 8th St.

(405) 602-0894

Roughtail Brewing Co.


320 W. Memorial Rd

(405) 771-6517

Sean’s Wine and Spirits

Open, curbside pickup and delivery

6969 NW Expressway

Order by phone: (405) 728-7300

Stonecloud Brewing


1012 NW 1st St

(405) 602-3966

Skydancing Brewing Co.


520 N Meridian Ave.

(405) 686-8201

Twisted Spike Brewery and Tap Room


1 NW 10th St.

(405) 297-9961

The Well Wine and Spirits

To-go and curbside pickup

3330 W Memorial Rd, Suite 400

Order by phone: (405) 936-9463

Vanessa House Beer Company

To-go, curbside pickup and delivery

118 NW 8th St.

(405) 724-9330

Photo courtesy Prairie Artisan Ales

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