1. Halim Bademjoon

By Shermin Khazaeli of Ray’s Café

[cooked-recipe id=”121467″]

2. Potato Colcannon

By Michael Paske of the Hamilton Supperette

[cooked-recipe id=”121472″]

3. Grilled Jumbo Sea Scallops

By Tim Swepston of Bodean

[cooked-recipe id=”112641″]

4. Parisian Gnocchi

By Shannon Goforth of Ludivine

[cooked-recipe id=”105145″]

5. Grilled Pork Tenderloin Romesco

By Angie Faughtenberry of 413 Farm

[cooked-recipe id=”65935″]

6. Gyudon (Beef Bowl)

By Jeff Chanchaleune of Gorō Ramen and Gun Izakaya

[cooked-recipe id=”65549″]

7. Grilled Lobster Over Risotto

By Jacque Siegfried of Tulsa Club’s Chamber

[cooked-recipe id=”121482″]

8. Mojo Rojo OKC Pinchos

By Keltan Solorio of Block 23

[cooked-recipe id=”121483″]

9. Huevos Rubcheros

By Joel Bein of Rub

[cooked-recipe id=”121484″]

10. Pork Milanese

By Christine Dowd of Aunt Pittypat’s Catering

[cooked-recipe id=”121485″]

11. Rescaldo Veggies and Grilled Brie

By Kevin Snell of Amelia’s

[cooked-recipe id=”121488″]

12. Citrus Bundt

By Allison Dake of Brown Egg Bakery

[cooked-recipe id=”121489″]

13. Toro Paella

By Jamie Bissonnette

[cooked-recipe id=”121492″]

14. Galician Empanada

By Jamie Bissonnette

[cooked-recipe id=”121504″]

15. Delicata Squash with Burrata and Crispy Sage

By Shelby Sieg of The Pritchard

[cooked-recipe id=”121497″]

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