Set to be completed in the summer, the Garage Condos in south Tulsa will house owners’ myriad belongings. Photo courtesy Garage Condos of Tulsa

Storing your stuff can seem mundane. For some, the idea evokes images of packed-to-the-ceiling closets or crammed cabinets, drawers and garages. Or maybe you are so organized that you know the location of everything you own.

And if garage-sized space is what you want for all your stuff, there’s a new option. Garage Condos of Tulsa, opening this summer, takes long-term storage to a whole new level.

“Garage Condos is essentially a storage unit that you own, and it is the sexiest storage unit you’ve ever seen,” says Tony Isler, the project’s developer and managing partner.

Averaging 1,000 square feet or more in size, the units include amenities such as heat, air conditioning, plumbing, epoxy floors, LED lights and cable/internet access. People typically store cars, boats and RVs; Isler adds that Garage Condos are ideal for accoutrements for large hobbies and collections. With many plush comforts, these units can become spaces for relaxation and entertainment as well.

Tony Isler, managing partner at Garage Condos of Tulsa, stands with Brett Biert, unit owner, and his 1975 Ford Bronco. Photo courtesy Garage
Condos of Tulsa

Isler says the initial phase of the building has 46 units, which should provide a community feel at the facility, which is at 87th Street and Elwood Avenue.

“People will know their neighbors and will no doubt be in a position to invite those neighbors into their garage,” he says.

Ownership comes with access to a clubhouse, which can be used for additional space and entertaining. Isler pictures owners with similar interests getting to know one another and sharing experiences.

Garage Condos is unique in that the garages are owned instead of rented. According to Isler, Tulsa has a scarcity of quality, secure storage spaces that customers can buy. Garage Condos allows customers to customize units for their needs.

A second phase in 2020 will add three buildings with 42 units and probably include additional amenities, such as a wash bay and onsite auto detailing, Isler says.

That second phase is good news for any interested buyers because nearly all of the initial 46 units are claimed.

Despite the grand nature of these garages, Isler’s goal is simple: “Giving [people] a chance to own their space, free up a garage at home, expand their hobby and interact with family and friends is what it’s all about,” he says.

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