Photo by Luke Oppenheimer. Decor courtesy Rathbone’s Flair Flowers

Perhaps the best part of the holiday season is the feeling of joy that accompanies decorating the home or office with ample red and green. The space suddenly feels more alive – and so do you.

Take one step into Rathbone’s Flair Flowers in Jenks this month and feel that joy. Christmas trees, string upon string of twinkling lights, hundreds of ornaments and fragrant flowers welcome you. Owner Matt Rathbone says this abundance of holiday decor is all he’s ever known. His grandfather, E.V. Rathbone, opened the first Rathbone’s (then a Ben Franklin store) back in the ’40s, and each generation has expanded and improved on the services offered, which include floral arrangements, gift baskets, personalized gifts and custom-designed Christmas decor. Matt Rathbone took over the business in 1995 with his wife, Becky.

“Christmas has always been a big part of my life, growing up in the store with literally hundreds of Christmas trees that my parents decorated every year for the stores, along with thousands of ornaments and decorations,” he says. “I couldn’t help but love the season.”

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