Photos by Brent Fuchs

In an open lot on Northwest 11th Street at Hudson Avenue in Midtown Oklahoma City is an Austin-esque gem, complete with a gleaming white trailer, a smoke pit, an outdoor tent, classic blues (shout out to T-Bone Walker!) and what you came for … amazing barbecue.

Beef ribs are hard to find in Oklahoma barbecue, and certified prime Angus ribs are a stretch, but not at Maples. On weekends, this joint features wood-smoked beef ribs (brontosaurus sized), and folks statewide can’t seem to get enough. Every day, Maples offers classic brisket, pork ribs and sandwiches. Monthly features, posted on social media, are all tooth-sucking and belly-rubbing worthy.

Photo by Brent Fuchs

Creamy American white cheese forms the base of Maples’s mac-n-cheese, which can’t be missed, especially when you have it with pit-smoked jalapenos, savory ranch beans loaded with meat debris, and sliced white bread to sop up Maples’s sweet, tangy sauce.

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