Although slang has abbreviated it to “Cabo,” the full moniker is Cabo San Lucas, or the Cape of Saint Luke. This writer’s personal description is “the Beverly Hills of Mexico” due to its luxurious flair. 

While some travelers enjoy repeated vacations there, they might not know that this slice of paradise was once called the “Land’s End.” Legend states that the first sailors and pirates to discover the area considered it the last point before reaching Antarctica. 

Identified by the stunning “El Arco,” Cabo’s arch was formed by a millennia of tidal forces causing those dangerous waves. 

Cabo is not for playing in the waves – it’s a look but don’t touch approach in the world’s second longest peninsula.

At this the one year mark of the pandemic’s onset, travel restrictions keep adapting. This writer’s first flight in almost a year yielded the following observation and advice:

• Patience and organization are necessary virtues for present travel.

• Pack extra masks.

• You’ll be filing out more forms (online and hard copy) than before.

• Bring reading material for the planes, since there are no magazines on flight.

• Passengers receive baggies of snacks and water bottles as opposed to individualized service.

• Sanitizing wipes are dispersed as you embark the plane.

• TSA Precheck and Global Entry are recommended as they expedite the slowed-down process of security.

• Many resorts have 50% capacity, so dinner and activities reservations are necessary.

• Sanitizing measures and temperature checks are present pretty much everywhere.

Logistics aside, our hospitable neighbor to the south demonstrated “bienvenido” graciously, as always. Travelers needing to escape 2020’s malaise are in for a treat, as Cabo whisks you away from it all.

Blazing vermillion sunsets provide your backdrop for photos. Pack a sweater, as nights are chilly. Sleep with the doors open to enjoy the crashing waves lulling you to sleep after bountiful feasts. Slowly wake up on your balcony watching seabirds glide, swoop, skitter and land on isolated boulders in the ocean. No matter what, the world turns, the tide rolls in, and we all need the palpable sensations of knowing that life goes on. Self-care is the new mantra.

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