Where the Buffalo Roam by John Hammer
Where the Buffalo Roam by John Hammer

[dropcap]Tulsa[/dropcap] is a city ripe with artistic talent, and John Hammer only magnifies that truth. To see his art for yourself, visit the Tulsa PAC throughout the month of December.

Hammer, one of the inaugural studio artists at The Hardesty Arts Center, moved to Oklahoma as a child and now sets up camp in Claremore. He works at an in-home art studio and creates colorful and culturally pertinent artworks dubbed as “pop impressionism,” although his artwork didn’t start out so colorful.

“I was always afraid of painting and color. When I started painting a few years ago my goal was realism but quickly found out I didn’t have the patience for it,” says Hammer. “My style found me.”

Citing influences like Warhol, Van Gogh and Rockwell, his pieces are both unique and approachable due to the relevant subject matter and intriguing designs.

“I think my fascination of pop culture comes to me from growing up in the ’70s when TV, movies and advertising became a bigger part of our lives,” he says.

Hammer’s exhibition will take place Dec. 2-30 on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m at the PAC. Old favorites and new artworks will both be available for purchase. For more information, head to thehammerstudio.com.

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