Going out for sushi can feel like an event, which isn’t necessarily bad. But sometimes you’d rather skip the reservations or the wait for seating to become available. Sometimes you don’t want the bother of putting together an outfit. Sometimes, you just want a couple of awesome rolls in an easy, casual setting. If that craving hits you in Owasso, you’re in luck. Akira Sushi Bar brings a more-than-decent selection of sushi combinations to the table along with pleasant, attentive staff and food quality rivaling Tulsa’s hot-spot establishments. That’s not to say Akira suffers from lack of atmosphere.

Owners Quinton Wong and Chef Huy Huynh, who worked together at a Tulsa sushi restaurant before striking out on their current venture, have created a refreshingly relaxed atmosphere behind an unassuming storefront on the frontage road parallel to U.S. 169. Some may have trouble getting to the shopping center south of 96th Street North, but for those who find it, the experience is one many can and will appreciate. Serving special makimono rolls and fresh sashimi dishes along with entrees of chicken, steak and creatively-made sides, Akira Sushi brings its best to the table, and don’t be surprised if that order arrives sooner than you expect. 9455 Owasso Expressway Frontage Road, Owasso. www.akirasushibars.com

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