With light wood, green accents, floor-to-ceiling windows and ample indoor and outdoor dining, Riviere Modern Banh Mi in central OKC is as beautiful as its menu is delicious. 

You’ll likely visit the restaurant the first time for its namesake sandwiches, all of which have punny names and are served on 8-inch French baguettes. You can’t go wrong with any of them. Stand-outs include the Pho’Rench Dip, with beef, grilled onion and jalapeno aioli; the Banh Fire with fried chicken, Sriracha buffalo sauce, pickled carrot and cucumber; or the James Banh, with traditional Vietnamese charcuterie, pate, house-made aioli and maggi seasoning. But banh mi isn’t the only thing on the menu. You can start off with lettuce wraps, meatballs, fritto misto or egg rolls, and enjoy rice and noodle bowls with protein options like bulgogi, teriyaki chicken, lemongrass pork and crispy tofu. Other mains range from pho to curry, fried rice and garlic butter noodles. 

Spirits are amble at Riviere. Alongside wine, sake, soju and prosecco, there are a variety of local beers, both bottled and on draft. A few of the house cocktails include the Yuzu Daddy with yuzu vodka and liqueur, coconut mix, lemon and ginger beer; the Jamesean Iced Coffee with Jameson cold brew whiskey, Vietnamese iced coffee and cinnamon brown sugar; and the El Chingon, with jalapeno cucumber tequila, lime, pineapple syrup and bitters. 

Photo courtesy Riviere Modern Banh Mi

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