Western Gyro is a popular lunch item at Basil Mediterranean Cafe.  Photo by Brent Fuchs.
Western Gyro is a popular lunch item at Basil Mediterranean Cafe. Photo by Brent Fuchs.

For Mediterranean food fans, Basil should be at the top of the list of restaurants to try. From gyros, kabobs and pasta dishes to full pitas, soups, salads and dips, Basil takes taste buds on a trip to the Mediterranean with its authentic cuisine.

It’s easy to find something that satisfies on this menu. Some favorite, must-try items every customers should indulge in are the Chicken Bandarri, Gyros, Veggie Kabob and Falafel Pita. Hot and fresh, two extremely important words at a Mediterranean restaurant to describe good pita bread, are staple adjectives at Basil, where they’re always served right out of the oven. Dolma, grape leaves stuffed with a blend of rice, herbs and seasonings – a classic dish found at most Mediterranean restaurants – has a unique, flavorful story to tell. Enjoy veggies and meat marinated, slid onto a kabob and kissed by an open flame; or Basil’s famous Hummus. For an all-around treat, try the Gyros Platter that includes savory gyros meats with pita, French fries, Tzatziki and fresh veggies. Choosing what to feast on is the hard part; cleaning the plate, not so much.

After ordering at the counter, relax in the dining room while the chef prepares these healthy and scrumptious platefuls. Basil Mediterranean Café cooks every dish with happiness – a small, but important, detail that is reflected in its creations and its tastes. A colorful spread of fresh flavors will arrive at the table after every ingredient has been tended to. 211 NW 23rd St., Oklahoma City, and 6620 E. Reno, Midwest City. www.basilmediterraneanrestaurant.com

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