Boom Town Creamery is a locally owned ice cream shop with three Oklahoma City metro locations. The joint makes small batches of unique flavors for those who love all things sweet, and the creatives behind it are always coming up with new, creative flavor combinations to delight customers from around the metro.

Everything available is created from scratch including the ice cream, waffle cones, cookie chunks, brownies, sauces and jam swirls. You can choose from 24 flavors each day, ranging from traditional favorites to fresh, seasonal options. Of these options, there are always four vegan choices, made with oat milk or sorbet, available every day. If you can’t pick a single flavor, opt for an ice cream flight with six scoops.

Some of the popular classic ice cream flavors include roasted bananas foster, Mediterranean strawberry with a hint of balsamic vinegar, and Carmelita crumble, which consists of salted caramel ice cream, homemade oat cookie crumble and a bourbon caramel swirl.

The seasonal flavors offered change every few weeks, which means there’s always something new to try. In the past, some popular options have been blackberry lavender sorbet, cookie butter, and root beer float – made with OKC Soda Co. Root Beer sherbet and a vanilla ice cream swirl.

In August, Boom Town is debuting two new seasonal flavors: cherry limeade and raspberry basque cheesecake. The latter has cream cheese ice cream, raspberry compote and chunks of basque-style cheesecake with a caramelized sugar shell mixed in.

Photo credit: Photo courtesy Boom Town Creamery

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