A Guatemalan take on home-cooked dishes makes Café Kacao a unique jewel in the crown of Oklahoma City’s dining scene. Serving breakfast all day, Café Kacao also offers a variety of lunch entrees, sandwiches and salads. For those unfamiliar with the tastes of Guatemala, try the carne guisada, a Guatemalan-style beef stew, which is served with Russian salad – a potato salad with peas, carrots and celery, a traditional side dish in Guatemala – and rice of the day. Familiar fare, such as enchiladas, receive a Guatemalan spin, served on a fried corn tortilla with beef picadillo, beet and cabbage vinaigrette, finished with red salsa, hard-boiled egg, sliced onions and dry cheese. Café Kacao has developed a devoted following for its breakfast dishes. Try the divorciado eggs topped with green and red salsa and served with refried black beans, fried plantains and tortilla chips; spicy tecpan, which is scrambled eggs with chorizo, jalapenos and onions served with refried black beans and house potatoes; and mosh, a traditional Guatemalan oatmeal that is slow-cooked with whole, condensed and evaporated milk and accompanied with bananas, strawberries and toast. 3325 N. Classen Blvd., Oklahoma City. www.cafekacao.com




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