Photo courtesy Har-Ber Village Museum.

Har-Ber Village Museum in Grove takes visitors back in time to pioneer-era exploration, with historic buildings, hands-on activities, self-guided tours and the annual Civil War Days, a two-day event highlighting the lives of both soldiers and civilians during that compelling time in history.

“As visitors stroll through the village grounds, they will come upon living history reenactors living their daily lives as impacted by the war,” says Amelia E. Chamberlain, executive director at the museum. “Visitors can shop at a camp store, talk to a Civil War surgeon, see civilians preparing their meals, visit with soldiers from both sides and much more.”

For children and adults alike, Chamberlain believes “the best way to learn history is to experience it first-hand,” and the reenactors make that learning both easy and interesting. The event has also seen tremendous growth over the past five years.

“We started this event in 2012 with three reenactors. Now we have over 20 stations with nearly 100 volunteers participating in the event,” she says.

The Civil War Days event runs May 20-21. Visit for details.

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