Whether you’re ready to go through the fanfare of some summer cleaning or are noticing a slight decline in the normal radiance of your home, a few tips are in order to clean with maximum effectiveness. 

Nationwide – which specializes in insurance but also offers general life planning – advises that the name of the game is efficiency. 

Before the Clean

If you live with others, include them in your house cleaning chores to reduce time spent cleaning and create an atmosphere of togetherness and well-being, if not (and you might be able to manage this) outright fun.

Don’t clean one room at a time. Go through the whole house with each task (like vacuuming, dusting, etc.) so you are not continually picking up one tool or cleaning supply and putting it down to grab another.

Wrangle up all the tools and supplies you will need and have them ready to use. Don’t waste time and energy trying to find something in the middle of your cleaning party.

If your home is cluttered, pick up everything that is not in its proper place and put it away before a deep clean. If you are finding items you no longer need or use, make use of a waste basket or tow a trash bag with you.

The Process

Now it’s time for the cleaning to begin. Start the actual process with dusting – and don’t skimp on your duster. Buy a good one that attracts dirt and small particles and use microfiber cloths as choice dictates. When dusting is complete, it is time to vacuum. And remember the whole-house philosophy: don’t stop at one room, get all the vacuuming done at one time.

Next, clean and disinfect surface areas. This includes everything from door knobs to cabinets, countertops and appliances. Take note of areas that people touch the most and thoroughly disinfect. Don’t forget the mirrors. Streak-free mirrors are a sure sign to visitors that you are on top of your cleaning game.

Pre-treat tubs and sinks with a spray-on cleaner to loosen grit and dirt. Let the treated areas sit for a few minutes before scrubbing away.

Next up, sweep and mop bathroom and kitchen floors. Start at a wall and work backwards to the entrance of the room. Rinse your mop frequently and get clean water when you need it. Use a solution that is appropriate for your floors, whether they are wood, ceramic tile or linoleum.

Popularmechanics.com suggests being consistent to get your cleaning time down to a truly efficient range. Routine is the key. 

The website also suggests using a drop of dish soap mixed with a gallon of water to ensure windows are spotless. Apply the solution with a microfiber cloth, then squeegee off any excess liquid. 

Need help with grease on kitchen cabinets? Purchase a cleaner that contains orange oil. Many dishwashing liquids also contain grease-cutting ingredients. And remember, cleaning your home doesn’t have to be stressful. Have a system and your cleaning tools and supplies ready – you can do this!

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