There’s no question about it – there’s a very special, organic energy that happens when family gets together to combine forces. It can’t be replicated. It can’t be duplicated. Simply put, it’s magic.

Muskogee’s Zach and Colton Swon – the Swon Brothers – discovered this invaluable gift early in life, finding their calling and home on the stage together when they were just children, cutting their teeth on the road while traveling with their parents’ gospel group on the family tour bus.

They’ve played with many musicians over the years, but both say that their duo as brothers has allowed them to function as “two brains working as one.”

“You just can’t beat family harmony. There’s something to be said about being tight in that way with someone else’s vocals. Our harmonies just fit. That’s chemistry you don’t really find with other musicians who aren’t your blood, and it’s a big plus when you’re performing or in the studio,” Zach says.

“It definitely has its advantages in the creative process. We both have two totally different styles apart. When we get down to writing songs, Colton writes more pop sounding songs, I’m more bluesy or traditional country; but when we bring our ideas together they merge into something very cool. That’s that brotherhood connection.”

Splitting time between their “music home” of Nashville and Oklahoma hometown, the brothers have kept a firm grip on their childhood dream, taking with them lessons learned on patience and perseverance through their experiences along the way.

Currently in the process of mixing a live album, recorded at the historic Roxy Theater in Muskogee, they are also busy writing for a new studio album in Nashville, due later this winter.

As is evident by their previously released independent CD, Another Day, and live shows, they possess a country style (think Rascal Flatts meets the Eagles) that’s wide enough to target many aspects of an audience, and is proving to be well-received no matter who they play for.

“We can’t help but write country, but it’s not traditional country. We will never limit ourselves to being in any one box or fit in any one category. We’re going to make good music and keep making different music. There are always new places to go in the creative process by keeping open-minded. We want to always push the limit. I think it’s how you stay sane as an artist,” Colton says.

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