On any weekend morning, take a stroll in downtown Oklahoma City. The typical bustle of the business week gives way to an opportunity to explore downtown at your leisure, uninhibited by the cars and crowds. There is a serene hush over the entire area, until you reach the 300 block of Robinson Avenue. There, on the corner, is a hive of happy activity. Peering through tall windows, you can see friends eagerly sharing each other’s dishes, diners reading the morning paper and the steam rising from mugs of house-cured coffee. You have arrived at your destination for culinary nirvana. You have arrived at Kitchen No. 324.

The latest culinary endeavor by A Good Egg Dining Group, Kitchen No. 324’s reputation as the best new restaurant in Oklahoma City has spread rapidly since its opening last December. The restaurant builds on an ever-growing trend in the food industry: buy local and buy fresh.

Heather and Keith Paul, owners of A Good Egg, describe the menu as “American rustic.” Think “American favorites made from scratch in an unrefined manner,” says Keith Paul. “Think pie crust like your grandma makes or gravy with all the pan bits in it.”

The Pauls say they were inspired by the idea of “the upscale and glamorous mid-century cafeteria.” And with its home in the famous Braniff building – 324 N. Robinson Ave., naturally – Kitchen No. 324 certainly provides a taste of luxury without sacrificing coziness.

“We have a fondness for historic buildings, so the Braniff building was an easy fit,” says Heather Paul. “The building and architecture have great mixes of modern and historic character. I can’t imagine Kitchen No. 324 being located anywhere else.”

Like all restaurants overseen by A Good Egg, Kitchen No. 324 is what Keith Paul describes as “American food reinvented,” and is influenced by a mixture of soul, southwestern and southern culinary traditions. Some of the most popular dishes include the restaurant’s green eggs and ham, cat head biscuits with chorizo gravy, fried chicken pot pie and the French dip. 

While the breakfast, lunch and brunch menus each boast an impressive array of temptations, the restaurant also prides itself on its house-cured coffee and bakery items.

“Kitchen No. 324 puts as much thought and attention into our coffee service as we do into our cuisine,” says Heather Paul. “A full coffee bar featuring artisan-roasted beans and hand-curated coffee drinks has become an integral part of this concept. And we can’t forget about the dozens of pastries and breads, all baked in-house, or our popular, fresh, cold-pressed juices, a first for an Oklahoma restaurant.” 324 N. Robinson Ave., Oklahoma City. www.kitchen324.com

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