Photo by Natalie Green; ice cream courtesy Braum’s; bowl and spoon courtesy Williams-Sonoma.

[dropcap]Childhood[/dropcap] nostalgia deems ice cream the dessert of the summer. From the classic ice cream sandwiches to colorful popsicles made to look (somewhat) like your favorite super hero or TV character, this sticky sweet dessert option can bring a smile to anyone’s face on a sweltering Oklahoma day.

Although picking up a tub or cone of your favorite flavor at the grocery store is a quick, easy and delicious option, learning how to make the treat yourself could be an entertaining and educational summer project for you and your young ones.

The recipe won’t break the bank either – all you need are some simple ingredients like heavy cream, whole milk, sea salt, eggs, sugar and your choice of personal preference flavorings. (Some, for example, swear by vanilla extract or brown sugar; the choice is yours.)

After the ice cream is made, add sprinkles, chocolate chips or a flavored syrup. For those who want a healthier topping, try seasonal berries or nuts for some crunch. Regardless, ice cream in any form is always a home run for children and adults alike.

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