Photo courtesy Cain's Ballroom.
Photo courtesy Cain’s Ballroom.

Thursday, June 25

Country singer Corey Smith has set records as an independent artist, but for his 10th album, he did things a little differently. While the Gettin’ Is Good released on June 9 by Sugar Hill records, marking the first time the popular touring artist has turned over the reins to a major country label, joining a list of other popular country singers. Signing with a label that is driven by music, and not by sales, seemed fitting for Smith. A year ago, he quit his job as a teacher to pursue music full time. During his pursuit, Smith found himself listening to Sugar Hill recording artist Darrell Scott’s Family Tree on repeat. Now fans can do the same with Smith’s While the Getting’ Is Good. See him live on Thursday, June 25 at Cain’s Ballroom. For more information, visit

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