Photo courtesy Eskimo Joe's.
Photo courtesy Eskimo Joe’s.

July 18 thru July 24 – Eskimo Joe’s in Stillwater

From Eskimo Joe’s anniversary celebrations are legendary! Thousands and thousands of patrons have participated, using Joe’s anniversary as a catalyst for a road trip, and a reunion with old friends from their college days. The celebrations date clear back to 1976, then really got on a roll in 1985, when for the first time, the party spilled outside of Joe’s and onto Elm Street! Over the next eight years Joe’s weekend became the single largest attraction to Stillwater, except for OSU football. The massive street party drew thousands, literally covering Elm Street from Duck Street on the east, to the OSU campus and Gardiner Hall on the west. People came back from all over the country, and the media took notice, covering the entire event with satellite trucks and television cameras.

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