Offering classic Italian specialties like pizza, pasta and steak with modern twists is her gist; after all, she is a most modern girl. Owner Lori Tyler and Chef Jonathan Krell have devised a menu that combines fresh flavors with the stick-to-your-ribs Italian comfort. Favorites like linguini and clams and mushroom and sausage pappardelle appear on the menu alongside pan-seared escolar served over sautéed green beans, arugula and citrus fruit, and the lamb shank, glazed with a mint balsamic reduction and served with an asparagus and spring pea salad. Salads and sandwiches are just as flavorful and are a more popular option for lunch diners at Stella. The House Smoked White Tuna Sandwich served on grilled ciabatta with tomato, greens and lemon herbed aioli is just as decadent as it sounds. 1201 N. Walker, Oklahoma City.

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