Photo courtesy Cain's Ballroom.
Photo courtesy Cain’s Ballroom.

Saturday, June 6

If you haven’t heard Flogging Molly live, or at all, here’s your chance. On Saturday, June 6, Flogging Molly, a popular Irish punk, rock band out of L.A., and its seven members, arrive on the Cain’s Ballroom stage for a much-anticipated performance. Dave King, Bridget Regan, Dennis Casey, Matt Hensely, Nathan Maxwell, Bob Schmidt and George Schwindt are the talented individuals behind Flogging Molly’s memorable and rebellious music that’s hard not to enjoy. For a preview of their talents, “Drunken Lullabies” and “What’s Left of the Flag” are two examples of their successful song craft and execution. “They infuse punk rock with Celtic instruments – violin, mandolin and the accordion – and they merge blues progression with grinding guitars and traditional Irish music,” the group’s biography says. For more information, visit

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