Growing up, Jonathon Haring’s mother insisted that her sons learn how to do three things: sew, cook and laundry. Haring later worked as a photographer for the Tulsa World, but he never lost a passion for cooking and baking. Joking that he needed a vocation with tighter deadlines and more stress, he opened Florence Park Café earlier this year in the location that previously housed Luna Bread. Haring’s slogan – “Nothing fancy, but everything fresh” – speaks volumes about his philosophy regarding food.

“I want food to taste like food. There’s nothing out of a mix or with a lot of preservatives,” he says. “Everything starts from scratch.”

Although Haring caters private dinners, the restaurant focuses on breakfast and lunch. Florence Park Café serves breakfast all day along with sandwiches, homemade soups, fresh bread and more. Haring also offers vegetarian and vegan options each day. 3144 E. 15th St., Tulsa. 918.619.6300

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