Some say the best part of any meal is dessert. While the desserts at Oklahoma City’s La Baguette Bistro & Bakery have assumed an exalted status, the rest of the menu is also worthy of exploration. Started in 1988 by brothers Alain and Michel Buthion, this happy little melt of French and American cultures is a regular stop for many Oklahoma City dwellers picking up French bread loaves, cakes and pastries from the bakery portion. The bistro is also a favorite place for locals to bring out-of-towners for authentic French flavor. From simple dishes, such as French onion soup and Croque Monsieur – a kind of ham and cheese sandwich – to more complex fare, like mussels or succulent roast duck, La Baguette Bistro brings a delicious twist to tradition. And if dessert is still on your mind, the chocolate mousse cake is a local favorite. 7408 N. May Ave., Oklahoma City.

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