Jeff Green has a specific vision for his company, Barnwood USA. It has a lot to do with his faith, a popular product, a healthy workforce and the community as a whole.

“We want to make as much as we can and give away as much as we can,” he says.

The product, as described by the website, is handcrafted rustic decor. Fifty percent of sales are picture frames of different profiles, finishes and colors, Green explains. Barnwood also sells decorative ladders, shelves and other home decorations. And they’re all built at its Oklahoma City location from reclaimed wood – a point of pride for Green.

“Literally, per month, we keep tons and tons of wood out of the landfill,” he says. “Every item built by Barnwood USA is carefully handmade from reclaimed and upcycled wood to preserve its unique character and integrity.”

While Green believes the company is doing a lot for the environment, he strives to do more.

“We want to become a greener company as we move along and make changes with our cardboard boxes and bubble wrap in the future,” he says.

Taking care of the environment isn’t the only way Barnwood USA gives back to the community.

“I’ve always believed that we need to take care of the widows and the orphans and the prisoners,” says Green, adding that Barnwood donates 10 percent of its gross profit to nonprofits working toward this goal. “Giving back is the gist of being a Christian. God gives us so much every day. I want everyone to have what I have.”

This view extends to employees.

“As long as people are genuinely working hard, we take care of them,” he says. “And they want to stay and they want to recommend their friends and family. We have almost no turnover to speak of.”

The company grew out of Green’s experience running the picture frame division at Hobby Lobby – he is the nephew of founder David Green – for 26 years. That division grew to include 300 employees. Green left in 2004, worked at several other places and started Barnwood in 2015. The company sells products nationwide through online sources.

Green foresees a busy remainder of the year. The company, which bought seven acres in south Oklahoma City, has broken ground for a building opening soon. Barnwood also intends to offer customized frames.

“We have some really, really big goals,” Green says. “We love to take care of our people, and we love to give the rest to God.”

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