The bone-in ribeye steak is seared to perfection. Photo by Mary Beth Ede

You’ve come for the steak at BC Steakhouse, and here it is, glistening and grill-marked, sizzling in the plate in front of you, which it fills, being a thick bone-in ribeye weighing in at over a pound. There’s a mammoth baked potato, too, all for $25. What a bargain! Taste that steak and rich flavor explodes in your mouth. How do you make it so good, you ask the bartender. “We make our own seasoning, we use USDA Choice, and we cook on an open-flame grill. And then there’s the butter.” He knows because he’s not only the bartender but also, with his brother, the owner. Cesar and Enrique Escoto started poor (virtually penniless), washed dishes for years and slowly saved their earnings.

For non-steak eaters, BC Steakhouse has options such as buffalo chicken salad. Photos by Mary Beth Ede

This restaurant is their dream come true. The quirky decor, which features blue and yellow walls, a gleaming brass bar, plaster busts painted bright blue, luggage displayed as art, and a huge portrait of a cow, was designed by Cesar’s wife. The rotisserie chicken and salmon is good, Cesar tells you, and so is the huge $11 chicken-fried steak. But you don’t care. You want to eat that steak every day of your life. Cesar ambles off, gets a brush and soapy water, and starts to wash the steel taps on the soda machine.

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