[dropcap]Ask[/dropcap] 100 people what makes a great company, and you’ll get 100 unique answers. Health insurance, paid time off, retirement contributions, a company car – these are some of the perks enjoyed by those employed by great companies.

Then there are the values that are hard to quantify: a convivial work atmosphere, an environment that fosters creativity and recognition of a job well done. The positive attitude of a company and its management is crucial to promoting an amenable workplace, and it’s just one reason why the 34 companies recognized in this year’s Great Companies To Work For made the list.

The companies recognized in the following pages range from manufacturing and construction firms to law offices and health systems. They build our infrastructure, keep us in good health, assist us in making good consumer choices and support citizens.

Reasor’s Foods CEO Jeff Reasor said in a recent interview for Oklahoma Magazine (the contents of which can be found in the following pages) that as the grocery retailer’s brand expanded, it became harder to get to know each and every employee by name, and that was a challenge for the owner of this company that prides itself on fostering a small-business feel. But a great company – and a great CEO – knows how to adapt to changing work cultures.

“It’s that challenge of hiring people and trying to perpetuate what you do well that’s the most difficult,” he says. “You know what? By gosh, we’ve got job security because we’re never going to get it done. So it’s the same job every day. We’ve got job security.”

Reasor knows that one of the keys to his successful company – Reasor’s has operated for more than 50 years – is employees that are invested in the business’s success. Zac Carman, CEO of ConsumerAffairs, a company that makes its debut on this year’s list, says that rewarding employees for their dedicated efforts is a portion of what makes his company such a desirable one.

“Kevin Durant can, by and large, do whatever he wants because he’s consistently a league MVP candidate, which takes a combination of talent, self-motivation and dedication to winning,” says Carman. “At ConsumerAffairs, our talent works hard and wins, and as a result we have the freedom to take whatever time is needed to recharge, or we can play Xbox at 10 a.m. on a Tuesday. And, in turn, this is why we all bring 110 percent during game time, because losing sucks.”

Those selected for Great Companies To Work For 2015 were judged on benefits, incentives, community involvement and employee satisfaction. The companies are presented in alphabetical order and should not be considered ranked.

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