Great companies are all around this state. Lots of them – both large and small – offer attractive incentives, benefits and bonuses to attract the best and brightest minds and bodies. Every employee has his or her idea of what makes a great company; no two lists are going to be the same. Likewise, companies operate in different, unique corporate structures – some answer to shareholders, others to boards of directors. Still others answer to no one but themselves; the overwhelming majority of companies in Oklahoma are small, locally owned businesses. Because of this apples-to-oranges scenario, organizations listed on Great Companies To Work For are evaluated in different ways. But from the smallest company on the list this year – Principal Technologies, a professional recruiting firm that employs 18 – to the largest – the University of Oklahoma in Norman, one of the largest employers in the state – each company offers great benefits and an exciting work environment for its employees.

By no means is this a comprehensive list. We seek to spotlight a select few that are providing a great environment for their employees. In this fourth annual installment, we spotlight 45 companies representing 16 sectors – everything from aerospace and energy to transportation and tribal enterprise – that employ more than 84,000 people in Oklahoma. Oklahoma is a great place to live, work and play, and every day more people are taking notice and headed to the Sooner State.


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