Hitting the Spot

Photo courtesy Spudder’s

A Tulsa tradition since 1976, The Spudder combines juicy steaks and eclectic digs for a more-than-memorable dining experience.

Most foods at Spudder, says owners Steve and Kim Jeffrey, are scratch-made. The family butchers the beef, cuts all their own vegetables and produce, and creates 1,500 bread rolls daily. Kim even makes all the desserts herself. The team prides itself on creating great experiences for their guests; along with superb customer service, the team doesn’t play around when it comes to their steak. 

“We hand-cut aged Prime beef every day and cook them only on a real, old fashioned charcoal fire,” according to the website. “This ensures that your steak is perfect when it arrives at your fork.”

Start out with one of a variety of appetizers, ranging from stuffed mushrooms to fried chicken livers, seared ahi tuna, or Spudder’s famous tomato soup. Then venture to the next portion of the menu – Roughnecks (beef chops and chicken) and Offshore Drilling (seafood). Highlights in the former include the Gusher – the Spudder’s signature steak, a 22 oz. bone-in ribeye; lamb chops, steak tips, the quail dinner and the pork tenderloin. In the latter, try the grilled salmon, mahi mahi or ahi tuna, or venture over to the lobster dinner, jumbo grilled shrimp or linguini alfredo. Extra mouthwatering sides include sauteed mushrooms and onions, or glazed carrot and mushroom risotto.

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