There are only two reasons why you shouldn’t try the Hungry Frog, the small Oklahoma City diner that has been serving breakfast and lunch since 1976. The first reason is if you have a fear of amphibians, since you’ll find frog figurines and art all over the place. The second is if you have a problem with tidy, unpretentious establishments more interested in making good food hot and hearty rather than trendy. Yes, this is the kind of place you find competent, genuinely amiable staff, generous breakfast plates, tasty burgers, chicken fried steak, juicy pork chops and frog legs. These perfectly battered, seasoned and fried delicacies won’t be on everyone’s menu (notably, the frog phobic), but to those who hunger for something new-yet-strangely-familiar at the same time, they’re a small adventure, and an affordable one at that – most people love the prices. 1101 N. Pennsylvania, Oklahoma City. 405.524.0686

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