Chef Rapheal Jacob, owner of Rapheal’s BBQ & Grill in Broken Arrow, blends cultures in his fusion cooking; it’s this focus that makes his barbecue different.

“We are not Texas barbecue, we are not Kansas City barbecue, we are just barbecue,” Jacobs says.

Seasoned with hints of Mexican, Indian and Mediterranean flavors, Rapheal’s has something for just about every craving one may have. Jacob builds his core menu around three staples – brisket, pulled pork and ribs – but chicken, quail and various sides are also on the menu. Whether you go with a plate of ribs, a sandwich or tacos (brisket or pulled pork wrapped in flour or corn tortillas and topped with fresh cilantro, red onion and chopped tomato), meals arrive at the table well-dressed. Gone are the paper plates, wax sheets and red plastic baskets common to barbecue joints. Rapheal’s plates on real china and adds garnish to everything. As Jacob likes to say, “It is barbecue with a twist.” 2001 W. Houston St., Broken Arrow.

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