The mango lassi at India Palace is a sweet treat to enjoy after a spicy meal. Photo by Natalie Green.

The large wooden doors that open into Tulsa’s oldest Indian restaurant hint at the regal cuisine that awaits. The smell of spice – coriander, cumin, turmeric and others mingling – is the first impression guests at this authentic Indian restaurant receive.

Spice is a hallmark of dishes served at India Palace. Spices that most associate with sweet treats, like cinnamon ginger, are used to give meat and rice dishes a savory kick. Biryanis, curries and masalas sing with complex spice flavor. Chutneys made with fresh ingredients like cilantro and tamarind are served to each guest for adding flavor layers to menu items.

The complexity of India Palace’s dishes are best ended with something sweet to drink. Two signature Indian drinks – chai and mango lassi – are delicious choices at the restaurant. Chai is black tea with milk and spices like cinnamon, star anise, ginger and clove. The milky texture of the tea and sweet note of spice is warming. India Palace serves chai in ceramic mugs and offers refills to those who would like one more cup.

The lassi is a cooling yogurt drink that is both sweet and fruity. At India Palace, yogurt is combined with fresh mango and pureed until smooth. The drink is served in an ice cream soda glass and can be enjoyed at any point in the meal, though it is best thought of as dessert. The soothing yogurt is ideal after a spicy meal. 6963 S. Lewis Ave., Tulsa.

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