Photo by NASA courtesy Tulsa Symphony

Get interstellar with the Tulsa Symphony at its newest Pops concert, Voyage of Discovery: Space, The Final Frontier. Led by guest conductor Ron Spigelman, the orchestra transports audiences to another galaxy … through music.

“Viewers hear music from Star Wars, Star Trek, and [Gustav] Holst’s The Planets with live video projections featuring NASA images,” the symphony’s Annie Chang says. “Movie music is always a big hit with our audiences. There is a wonderful kind of synergy that comes out when the entire hall recognizes a familiar tune from one of their favorite films and relives it together.”

Doug Fletcher, artistic director at the symphony, says much thought has gone into making this performance enjoyable for concert-goers.

“We wanted to make all of this as relatable as possible to an audience that already shows an interest in astronomy, cosmology and science generally, and sci-fi is a perennial favorite in that regard,” Fletcher says. “We spent quite a bit of time discussing and listening to excerpts that would present an engaging storyline of their own with plenty of musical contrasts and varied subjects.”

The concert begins at 7:30 p.m. April 14 at the PAC. For tickets, visit

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