Any college town worth its hash browns has a go-to breakfast place, preferably one that opens early enough to allow collegians that may or may not have tied one on the night before to consume the proper amount of eggs, fried breakfast meats and potatoes to stave off the oncoming hangover. And when that college town has more than 30,000 students, it’s nice to have a variety of diners to choose among. Juan del Fuego, open since late 2011, is the new kid on the block but has developed a cult following for its breakfast and lunch diner-style offerings with a Mexican twist. Buttermilk cakes and chicken fried steak is served alongside dishes like enchilada and eggs, two cheese enchiladas topped with homemade red sauce and served with two eggs. Just the thought of Juan del Fuego’s tamales and eggs, topped with a homemade sauce, are worth the trip alone. 223 34th Ave. South, Norman. 405.310.2030

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