Many restaurants are known best for a “thing,” that one showstopper dish on the menu that many customers will come in just to try. It’s the thing that friends discuss between each other, that co-workers exclaim you must try. At Kaiser’s, it’s hard to pinpoint that thing; perhaps there is no thing, but many things, that you should try on your first visit to this Midtown Oklahoma City café.

Located in the historic Kaiser building, the bistro serves everything from salads and soups to sandwiches and burgers. There are even daily blue-plate specials.

Whatever you order – be it the Cobb Salad topped with ham, pecans, tomato, gorgonzola and herb vinaigrette, Kaiser’s Big Bison burger or a comforting bowl of Grateful Bean soup – save room for something from Kaiser’s soda fountain. Ice cream sodas, milkshakes, malteds and build-your-own sundaes – all the ice cream is home made. 1039 N. Walker, Oklahoma City. 405.232.7632.

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