The Chicken fried steak is a classic at Classen Grill. Photo by Brent Fuchs.

[dropcap]Decades[/dropcap] before Classen Curve became home to purveyors of artisanal yoga pants and trendy eateries, the nearby Classen Grill served up one of the best breakfasts in OKC. This north-side institution has long distinguished itself with good service, a cozy environment and new spins on old classics. Favorites include the biscuit debris – homemade biscuits covered in sausage and ham gravy, then smothered with cheese for good measure – and the Memphis French toast stuffed with bananas, peanut butter and honey in a crispy cinnamon batter fit for the King. The machine that produces fresh-squeezed orange juice looks like something the dad from Gremlins invented, but the end-product can’t be beat, especially when combined with a generous dollop of champagne during brunch. And speaking of brunch, your mission should you choose to accept it, is the Chinook: homemade salmon patties with poached eggs, hollandaise and cheese grits. Choosing your culinary adventure at Classen Grill is difficult, but, whatever you decide on, do not pass on the Classen Grill potatoes, hefty spheres of garlicky mashed potatoes deep fried inside a golden crust. Honestly, do yourself a favor and just order one of everything.

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