It’s lavish, flashy and fun. Outside, the graceful curves of a tile roof sit atop a brightly painted Spanish colonial facade. Step inside, and it’s a street fair in Guadalajara. Mariachi bands stroll and strum while happy diners call for just one more frozen margarita. There’s south-of-the-border ambiance: soaring columns hewn from cantera stone imported from central Mexico, mellow light cast by wrought-iron multi-tiered chandeliers, the sound of water purling in Spanish-style stone fountains, gentle pastel-hued wall tiles from Mexico. “You’ll feel like you’re on vacation,” says Jimmy Blacketer, co-owner with his brother, Jeb, of the new Los Cabos location in Owasso. “Just walk in, and you’ll be happy.”

The Blacketers started the party in 2005 with Los Cabos at Riverwalk in Jenks. Two years later, the Broken Arrow branch dazzled diners with its soaring ceilings, vast indoor hacienda-style courtyards and outdoor dining areas in a charming lakeside setting. These two branches are as busy as ever, and now Owasso joins them. The menu at all three is similar. “It’s mostly Tex-Mex,” says Blacketer, “with a bit of Sonoran and coastal thrown in.” One satisfying dish not on the menu but always available by request is the Vaquero: steak with cheese enchiladas topped with two fried eggs. 9455 N. Owasso Expressway, Suite O-P, Owasso.

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