Located in stylish Classen Curve, in the heart of meat-and-potatoes country, is a restaurant that has committed itself to producing raw and living cuisine that is healthful and delicious. Occupying the space that was formerly 105degrees, Kenney’s first restaurant venture in the Midwest is doing its best to convince carnivores that delicious food can also be healthy and vegan. All foods prepared in the kitchens at Matthew Kenney are never heated to more than 118 degrees.

Modern décor with sleek lines and contemporary styling make the dining experience even more uniquely innovative. Starters such as Chips and Guac and Spicy Vegetable Spring Rolls are very accessible, while main dishes that include Green Curry Noodles, Pizza Bianco and Popcorn Shrimp – a dish of king oyster mushrooms, romesco, tartar sauce and parsley powder – utilize raw-food techniques. The BLT salad is a mix of bibb lettuce, pear tomatoes, coconut bacon and ranch dressing, and is about as downhome as you can get at Matthew Kenney. 5820 N. Classen Blvd., Suite 1, Oklahoma City. www.kenneycuisine.com

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