"Animal Regulation No. 4" by Liu Di. Image courtesy Oklahoma City Museum of Art.
“Animal Regulation No. 4” by Liu Di. Image courtesy Oklahoma City Museum of Art.

Opens Saturday, Oct. 25

China’s Cultural Revolution ended in 1976, and the artists featured in Oklahoma City Museum of Art’s newest exhibition all were born after that chaotic, dangerous period. The country they would come to know and render would be different from the images of yesteryear’s party propaganda posters, but for these artists, the intrinsic social order and government continue to pervade art, culture and freedom in an increasingly liberalized China. My Generation: Young Chinese Artists presents paintings, video works, art installations, photography and mixed media works by a new generation of artists who work issues of identity, alienation and rebellion into their art. And they do it, often, under threat of reprisal. The exhibit runs from Oct. 25 to Jan. 18 at OKCMOA, 415 Couch Drive, in Oklahoma City. For more information, visit www.okcmoa.com.

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