Before burgers and chicken nuggets became a staple of the American diet, folks in Asia were serving their families meals comprised of lean meats, vegetables and rice all rolled into a neat little packaged called sushi. Restaurateurs Kang and Mary Nhin hope to bring that simplicity to Oklahoma City families with their latest opening: Nhinja, a fast and casual take on sushi.
The menu provides plenty for grown ups and kiddos alike. The visually pleasing Dragon Roll is tempura shrimp, cucumber and avacado topped with eel, avacado, eel sauce and scallion. Something more familiar to most sushi novices is the California Roll, which at Nhinja comes stuffed with crab stick, cucumber, avocado and rolled in sesame seeds. Wok offerings, such as Mandarin orange chicken, Spicy Kung Pao and the Hunan Garden will also hit the spot. 13905 N. May Ave., OKC. 405.463.6622, – Jami Mattox

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