In the beginning there was Evelyn, who taught her daughter Wanda J. the fine art of southern cooking. And then Wanda J. Armstrong, grown up now, refined the technique and taught her son Ty Walker. Together they ran a little restaurant out near Apache Circle. They called it Wanda J’s. When the poet Alice Lovelace came up from Georgia, she wrote “the food at Wanda J’s is heaven and home.” Then Wanda J. went on to start a lunch place near the airport and named it Evelyn’s. Now things have come full circle and Ty Walker has opened a place in Broken Arrow. He’s named it Wanda J’s.
Don’t let the humble exterior fool you. The new Wanda J’s lives up to its pedigree. Fried chicken so good that just one bite of the crisp, crunchy crust, the chicken inside exploding with juicy flavor, and you’ll be instantly addicted. Other fine choices too: Chicken Fried Chicken with a gravy made from chicken stock, Chicken Fried Steak bathed in a rich brown sauce. No ordinary white gravies here. Like his mother, Ty Walker is an artist. 1105 N. Elm, Broken Arrow. 918.258.5588.

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