Pho Da Cao
This place has all the standard, tasty Asian cuisine – egg rolls, steamed dumplings, wonton, fried rice – along with some dishes that may be unfamiliar to traditional Asian cuisine diners – fresh vermicelli with grilled Asian pork patties, tamarind soup with shrimp and tomatoes, green mussels stir fry with black bean sauce – but it’s Pho Da Cao’s pho that is the scene-stealer. Bowls of rice noodles, bean sprouts, peppers and herbs all swimming in an inviting bowl of warm broth. Top that bowl with slices of steak, chicken or meatballs, and you have a meal that is one-dish comfort. 9066 E. 31st St., Tulsa. 918.270.2715.
Picasso’s on Paseo
Picasso’s on Paseo is definitely an artsy place. Located in Oklahoma City’s arts district, the restaurant – like many surrounding establishments – features artwork from local artists on its walls. Art – the edible kind – is also served on plates. The pizzas served are very good, piled with typical pizza fare like mushroom, bacon and onions, and not-so-typical toppings, like figs, pine nuts and proscuitto. But if you’re going to visit Picasso’s just one time, make it for Sunday brunch. Crepes, eggs benedict, fritatta – it’s heaven. We recommend the sunrise sandwich: a fried egg, bacon, chorizo and provolone served on a bun alongside roasted potatoes. 3009 Paseo, Oklahoma City. 405.602.2002.
Lambrusco’z is one of those wonderful, magical places where even the pickiest eater can find something that he is happy to devour. Sandwiches, salads, soups – it’s all there, just waiting to be chosen. Not just for lunching, Lambrusco’z is also a great place to visit for dinner, be it for 4 or 40. Their party menu offers samples of delectable beef tenderloin, grilled chicken, shrimp cocktail, deli meats, cheeses, pickles and endless dips and sauces. You must try Lambrusco’z famous feta salsa: a mix of feta cheese, olives and other tasty ingredients. Pair the feta salsa with sun-dried tomato dip, mozzarella and pitas to make a tasty feta salsa appetizer pizza. 41st and Peoria, Tulsa. 918.496.1246.

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