While the notion of plastic surgery tends to conjure up overblown images of reality shows and Beverly Hills, the truth is that cosmetic procedures are part of a wildly popular practice no matter where you are, even in Oklahoma – for women and men both, with procedures for men being more common than you might think.

“(For men), hair replacement is high on the list of cosmetic procedures, and also liposuction,” says Dr. Tim Love of Oklahoma City, a surgeon with 30 years of experience in the cosmetic surgery field.

Why someone would want a cosmetic procedure entirely depends on his or her own goals and desires, and a good plastic surgeon will work closely with patients to craft an ideal treatment plan that results in exactly what they want. They look at a variety of factors, for instance, “When it comes to hair transplants,” says Love, “(what we do) depends on the age, the gender, the motivation and the individual circumstance.”

Over his 30 years, Love has seen rolling advances in the technology behind hair transplant surgery, as well as a steady stream of customers ready to take on his services. The procedure is very adaptable to anyone’s individual needs, from a mild, receding hairline to cases of full-on baldness, and the prices scale to reflect the degree of work needed. Love’s practice, notably, falls on the very affordable end of the spectrum. At a low price of  $3 per individual graft, finding a total cost for your transplant is just a matter of simple math, where a typical procedure involving 1,500 grafts (resulting in up to 4,000 new hairs) comes out to a $4,500 procedure. And while it may seem like a heavy sum up-front, it’s easy to see that a hair transplant is more affordable and satisfying for a patient in the long-term as a high-quality, permanent solution to hair loss.

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