The numbers from 2011, the most recent available, have been collected and analyzed, and according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), there have been only slight changes in the list of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures and minimally invasive procedures.

The five most common surgical procedures in the South Central division, which encompasses Oklahoma and seven other states, are breast augmentation (approx. 51,000 procedures in region), nose reshaping/rhinoplasty (approx. 42,600), liposuction (approx. 31,000), eyelid surgery (approx. 24,000) and tummy tucks (approx. 19,000).

The region’s most common minimally invasive procedures include Botox/Dysport, with approximately 800,000 procedures conducted in 2011, followed by soft tissue fillers (approx. 198,000), laser hair removal (approx. 164,000), Sclerotherapy, a treatment commonly used to reduce the appearance of varicose veins, (approx. 130,000) and microdermabrasion (approx. 103,000).

Although, nationally, facelifts supplanted tummy tucks in rising into the top five of procedures for the first time since 2004, those numbers were not reflected in the statistics for the South Central division, where the tummy tuck remains on the list. Cosmetic surgical procedures not in the top five, but which showed great increase in popularity nationally, include chin augmentation (up 71 percent), lip augmentation (up 49 percent), buttock implant (up 43 percent) and buttock lifts (up 38 percent).

Soft tissue fillers were among the fastest growing cosmetic minimally invasive procedures in 2011 nationally, while minimally invasive procedures rising in popularity but not making the top five yet include cellulite treatment (up 21 percent), laser skin resurfacing (up nine percent) and laser treatment of leg veins (also up nine percent).

In 2011, some $10.9 billion was spent on cosmetic procedures in the U.S., up 2.95 percent from the 2010 statistics. The Mountain/Pacific region remains the most enamored of cosmetic procedures, with 3.9 million procedures conducted overall.

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